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40 Unbelievable Rock Chic Looks for Every Kind of Street Style

By Gloria McBride, 7 Aug 2017

What is the best way to get dressed this season? A comfortable outfit makes you feel confident and that's why you're choosing it over and over again, right? Even high heels could be comfy to walk in. There is a lot of combination of street style you should try mostly layering your favorite look with a jacket or a cardigan.

Black and white classic look but it is not the same workwear you are used to. Forget about that business-lady look. Relax and wear your favorite white sneakers with a pair of ankle pants, a black blazer and a simple tee you've been wearing all the time. Isn't it the best way to look and feel stylish?

Spring is the time when you finally can wear your favorite jacket over that dress you bought a hundred years ago but haven't worn yet. Finish the look with high heels or sneakers depending on your today's mood.

Along with your love to dresses, there is still a room for wearing a skirt with basically everything. Forget about that times when skirts were only mixed with a blouse. Wear it with a t-shirt and a long cardigan over it, or mix it up with a chunky sweater. When it comes to shoes - feel free to take your fav espadrilles, converse, boots or whatever you want, it's 2018 girl!

Getting dressed to the office can be a challenge but we can help you with that either. There is no need to wear a pantsuit (of course we're not talking about some corporative companies, only for those that allows casual outfits), get a pair of cool jeans or ankle pants, roll it up (because yes, we still wear it this way), throw some top on and layer the look with a blazer or that nice coat you got lately and there you go: your perfect office style is ready to rock.

Don't stick with the cliches wear what you love, buy what makes your heart melt because you develop your personal style right now.

Not sure what to get for your perfect look? Have a look at what we have prepared for the spring wardrobe that will be the coolest in 2018.