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40 Outfit Ideas To Wear This Spring 2018

By Gloria McBride, 6 Feb 2018

What is going to be trendy this spring 2018? Wondering how to get dressed for a date night or just casual hanging-out?

We are not going to talk about the biggest fashion trends that are going to be huge in 2018 because we are here to build your personal style. In any kind of situation, basic things from your wardrobe are win-win. When it comes to spring you don't have to hide the outfit you've been changing hundred times for under a coat. It is finally a season that makes you rocking like a star creating all kinds of outfits with the clothes from your closet.

No matter are you a 'heel' or a 'sneakers' person there are ideas for every type of girl. Pair a go-to casual dress with converse or mix an elegant dress with boots all the outfits look awesome because it is spring, baby!

But what about jeans? Are these things are still in style? It's funny but ripped jeans along with skinny jeans will never go out of style, do you agree? Nice to see how the most popular influencers combine their jeans with everything from season to season and it doesn't get old. What makes jeans even better is the fact that you can wear them with heels, platforms, espadrilles, loafers or sneakers. Noone cares because all the ensembles look good! Add an off-shoulder top that is by the way also flying around as a timeless trend, or mix it up with a chunky sweater, striped blouse or a slip top. The next step is layering the look with a blazer, jacket or a coat.

But does it even matter? It is spring! You finally can forget about these things, just mix everything from your spring wardrobe in your unique way and find your favorite outfit ideas to wear this spring 2018.