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What To Wear To The Gym: 20 Best Workout Clothes To Buy

4 Mar 2018      Jasmine      0

No matter what kind of sport you do there is always a challenge to find cute clothes that would be looking cool and feel comfy at the same time. Glad you stumbled upon here because we have what you've been searching for. Thanks to the latest collections that were released in 2018 by Puma, Reebok, Nike and Adidas you finally have something to wear to the gym because these things are so much better than everything you've seen before. Scroll down and find workout clothes you could wear to the gym in 2018.

1. Adidas Superstars

All white everything: a pair of superstars is everything you need for a cool day at the gym. Mix it with a crop top and high-waist sweats for a comfy look.

white outfit with adidas superstars to wear to the gym

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2. Puma

Rebel sneakers from the latest collection by Puma are the shoes you are not going to miss in your gym wardrobe. Navy blue high-waist tights and a white Forever sports bra match the look.

wearing all Puma to the gym with Rebel velvet sneakers from the new collection

Forever sports bra

Rebel Velvet sneakers

3. Club C 85 Diamond Sneakers by Reebok

When it's all about the sneakers you are wearing. Reebok helps to achieve your style.

Club C 85 Diamond sneakers the latest collection from Reebok

white sneakers

beige sneakers

4. Linear Tights by Reebok

Hot red for 2018 with Reebok. Strappy sports bra mixed with high-rise leggings.

hot red linear tights from Reebok is everything you need

Linear High-Rise Leggings

5. Outfit Details by Reebok

When you know exactly what you want to wear to the gym today.

details from Reebok the perfect workout look

Linear High-Rise leggings

Hayasu sneakers

6. Cardio Leggings & Hayasu Sneakers by Reebok.

When your workout outfit fits perfectly with everything and you still able to wear it out of the gym.

sporty outfit Reebok makes it possible to wear outside of the gym

Hayasu sneakers

Cardio leggings

7. Reebok sneaker collection

Because you can never have too many pairs of sneakers.

the newest collection of Reebok sneakers 2018

Grey Pilox 1.0 Dance Shoe

Guresu dark grey

Navy Blue Pilox

Coral Guresu

Amber Gold Guresu

8. Dance like never before with Reebok

When your favorite sneakers allow you to dance. Reebok gives such a wonderful experience to explore all your talents.

Dancing with Reebok the outfit to buy


Hayasu sneakers

9. Zip Sneakers & Noble Pants From The 2018 Collection By Reebok

Wear a strappy bra with Noble pants and finish the look with a pair of zip sneakers from Reebok because you deserve the best.

the sporty outfit you can wear everyday

Zip sneakers

Noble pants

Strappy sports bra

10. Black Outfit With White Detail

Wear all black everything including Cardio leggings for the outstanding look.

black workout outfit will never go out of style

Cardio Leggings

11. The New Collection Of Athletic Footwear and Apparel By Reebok

Cara Delevingne knows how to get dressed to the gym with Reebok, isn't she?

2018 collection of amazing sneakers and clothing from Reebok

Hayasu sneakers

bomber jacket

12. Reebok X FACE Stockholm Collection

Burgundy is the new black so why don't you get something from the newest Reebok X FACE Stockholm collection? Just a simple sports bra, high-rise leggings, and Hayasu sneakers will make your workout outfit look awesome.

Reebok X FACE Stockholm collection to explore

Hayasu sneakers

13. Adibreak Trackpant by Adidas

Adidas Adibreat trackpants is the perfect way to explore your fitness style. Make it work with your favorite crop top or a basic t-shirt.

Adibreak Trackpant by Adidas that goes with loose fittin t-shirt

Adibreak Trackpant black

Available in 4 colors.

dark blue trackpants from Adidas is something your wardrobe needs

Adibreak Trackpant dark blue

14. Nike Air Max 180 CDG 2018 Collection

Perhaps their most unusual and random collaboration with Nike yet, in early 2018 COMME des Garçons dropped a vibrant trio of bright pink accented colorways of the Air 180. Loved by hardcore Air Max fans but often overlooked by the masses, the Air 180 from 1991 was an interesting choice for CDG, but nobody’s complaining when the results look like this. Here we have the white based version of the set, featuring the same Laser Pink and Solar Red accents of all three colorways, but with a white felt upper. The CDG x Nike Air 180 released with no announcement only in-store at COMME des Garçons in limited quantities, leaving the mysterious collab a sought-after item for high fashion and Air Max fans alike.

Nike Air Max 180 CDG item for high fashion and Air Max fans alike. The newest collection of 2018

Nike Air Max 180 CDG

15. Fila Disruptor II Sneaker

A white accent is everything your spring workout wardrobe needs in 2018 and Fila makes your dreams come true.

the perfect sneakers from Fila to get in 2018

Fila Disruptor II Sneaker

16. Henrietta Bodysuit by Fila

Wearing bodysuit to the gym? Why not?

Henrietta Bodysuit

summer outfit with Henrietta Bodysuit and white denim shorts or how to wear Fila outside of the gym

Henrietta Bodysuit

17. Fila Karlie Leggings

The comfiest leggings in the world to buy this year.

Karlie Leggings by Fila to get for a gym workout

Karlie Leggings

18. Tionne Crop T-Shirt by Fila

A hot crop top to show your tummy because you've been working hard to get it, right?


Tionne Crop T-Shirt

19. Frances Joggers by Fila

The joggers to wear for walking, not just to the gym.

Frances Joggers by Fila the sweats to wear for everyday walking

Frances Joggers

20. Nike Air Max 95

Released in 1995, the Nike Air Max 95 was an instant hit, and is still popular today. The human anatomy was used as an inspiration for its design, with mesh simulating the skin, graduating side panels resembling the muscles, lace loops depicting the ribs, and the midsole representing the spine. But, the Nike Air Max 95 is not just known for its looks, it's also the first Nike sneaker to feature Air Max cushioning in the heel and forefoot.


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Now tell us who's killing it? We know you love her!

Lisa Simpson killing Fila