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Top 5 Types Of Clothing Stylish Girls Wear Over and Over Again

12 Mar 2018      Jasmine      1

From season to season fashion dictates its rules so we have to follow the trends but there are something stylish girls casually wear that 2018 spring/summer fashion trends do not include. We want to talk about clothing every stylish girl has in her wardrobe and wear it with style no matter what the most popular fashion brands offer. Read about the 5 most popular clothes every stylish girl wear over and over again.

1. Biker Jacket

When will the moto jacket go out of style? Never, right? It is the most stylish way to show your sense of fashion mixing the biker jacket with basically everything. They come in different colors (yes, you can find it even in blush pink, there are not only black ones) and shapes. A cropped jacket, embroidered, and jackets made of faux suede - you definitely should try one of these if you haven't yet.

The perfect way to wear a black-on-black outfit this spring. A denim jumpsuit mixed with a biker jacket.

A black jacket is known for using super lightweight materials that SOMEHOW manage to keep you unbelievably warm

Spring plaid looks awesome in this high-waist ankle pants. Wearing a crop top with high-rise has been a trend for the last years. Mix it up with a black moto jacket and your go-to outfit is here to stay.

An oversized biker jacket is specifically designed for the brave, the admirable: anyone who continues running outside while the temperatures are hella low

Because a biker jacket fits with a dress in a perfect way.

If you love unique, leather clothing, then moto jacket is your go-to destination for fun outwear

Gucci sneakers wearing with all black everything including a black biker jacket. The outfit that will never go out of style.

A black jacket is great if you need a new clothes, but aren't sure what KIND you want

Travel outfits include a biker jacket and skinny jeans finishing the look with a crop top and comfy sneakers. For those who love the lady-like look, there is an option for wearing the moto jacket, grey skinnies and black pumps. What style do you prefer?

For those who love the lady-like look, there is an option for wearing the moto jacket, grey skinnies, and black pumps. What style do you prefer?

Black leather jackets is a gift to planet earth

2. Sneakers

Sneakers are the shoes that have to be in every girl's closet since they are comfy, come with a different variation of colors and style, and match dresses as well as sporty outfits. Thanks to the 2018 year many manufacturers make these things suitable for hanging out with friends and working out at the gym so you don't have to do sport to wear one of these. Puma, Fila, Vans, Reebok, Adidas and other brands offer amazing shoes to choose from.

A pair of Puma Creepers is designed to finish a perfect look with it's unique style. Wear it with destroyed denim to rock the spring street style.

A pair of nude Puma sneakers to create that perfect spring look you've been dreaming about

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Nothing more stable that ripped jeans worn with a moto jacket. Add a pair of classic Vans sneakers and you're looking awesome.

A pair of black Vans for those who'd define their style

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Why wearing jeans when you can try the Supreme underwear and pair it with Fila Disruptor.

White sneakers - they make for some seriously cute street style

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Lavender is the new black this season. Show your perfect tummy wearing a cozy crop top with high-rise trousers mixed with a pair of white Fila Disruptor.

A pair of white Fila sneakers for anyone with a simple approach to fashion

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The Checkerboard Old Skool Vans has its own magic matching everything that's hanging in the closet. That is why we love it so much.

A pair of plaid Vans sneakers you'll be whale off wearing on the stormiest of days

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3. Crop top

How many times you've been thinking of buying a crop top? It is a sexy yet casual way to explore your style pairing it with any type of high-rise. Every stylish girl is into it this year so what is stopping you from getting one now?

Olive green - the trend you've seen everywhere, right? It is one of our favorite shade. Also, you can remember fishnet tights worn under the jeans every blogger was wearing. This time Lua combined high-rise denim with an army-green cropped hoodie and paired the look with fishnet tights which make sense here, right? Lua is a star when it comes to rocking a crop top.

A crop top to become your favorite piece of clothing

Black Fenty & Puma creepers, spring stripes with black rips is everything you need for a casual going-out.

A crop sweater that, if you want me to get straight to the point, will actually last forever

Just summer basics: the graphic ctop top and denim shorts.

crop t-shirts with the ability to get you compliments from everyone

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A black tee from Guess that does NOT want to be called basic.

A black tee that does NOT want to be called basic

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Because wearing all black everything has never felt better.

A classic black top ideal for casual hangs and fancier shindigs


Simple yet stylish an off-shoulder white crops worn with high-waist jeans. Spring basics.

a white crop top you'll want to wear this all through the friggin' spring months ahead

4. Frayed Raw Hem Jeans

Give your favorite jeans a new fresh look with the new fashion trend - raw hem. It makes jeans to play in a modern way. Every fashion blogger wears one of these so you should try it too.

Skinny jeans to match with a delicious glass of red wine just in case you get way too happy

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The simplest - the best. Wear Adidas Superstar, a pair of ripped jeans and a white blouse to feel the basics.

Ripped jeans that will even fit the shortest of legs, all while matching everything you own

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Chilling with a friend in the same Levi's jeans wearing Vans trainers because bbf dress in the same.

A pair of skinny jeans for a really femme fatale, mysterious aesthetic

the wash blue skinnies

the dark blue skinnies

the Vans sneakers

A pair of boyfriend jeans mixed with a grey cardi because rips are so in right now, so why not go with the trend?

A pair of boyfriend jeans because rips are so in right now, so why not go with the trend?

5. Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is one of the biggest trends of the last seasons. They've been warm to wear when it's cold outside or destroyed or covered with embroidery but the denim jacket is the must-have that should be in your wardrobe.

Our favorite go-to denim-on-denim outfit - ripped high-rise + baggy jacket.

A denim jacket that'll never go out of style, so feel free to wear it in every single family photo for holidays to come

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When you want to wear denim-on-denim but not looking boring. A printed top would be the thing that will make your look play differently.

A cool denim jacket to show off your soft side

get the trucker

get the jeans

Does the spring start? Now you can throw away your winter clothing and say hello to denim you've been dreaming of. Get high-waist shorts and a denim trucker, add a simple crop top or whatever you want and you're killing this outfit.

A denim jacket because there are days you're going to want to be covered head to toe

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When you are not sure you want to look stylish or feeling comfy - this outfit is waiting for you. Mix a plaid dress with oversize denim to get the look you've been looking for.


Every stylish girl wears an oversize jacket with a shirt-dress this spring. You can mix it with boots or some cool Adidas Superstar sneakers to get this girly look even if you are not a big fan of those.


A cute denim jacket that'll make it possible to bare with the cold and still look good.

A cute denim jacket that'll make it possible to bare with the cold and still look good