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Top 5 Big Beauty Trends You Should Try This Spring 2018

5 Feb 2018      Emily      1

2018 is a new year that brings the new beauty trends every girl should know about. There are things for everyone to love: from natural-looking makeup to bright accents to wear all day long. Read about the top 5 spring beauty trends and learn how to do them in the right way.

1. Natural Makeup

Skin is trendy. Skincare as makeup is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2018.

A lip color that'll apply like a lip balm

Natural eyeshadows, matte highliter, nude lips - must-have for a natural makeup.

A holographic stick that'll serve as both blush and highlighter because you deserve both in one simple step.

Do not forget to care about your skin since the healthy glowing skin looks better than any makeup.

Natural makeup mirrors the irresistibly bouncy texture so you basically won't be able to take your hands off of it

Stick to the "no makeup-makeup" style when you're feeling like this.

Natural makeup are a cult-favorite

Natural makeup helps boost your natural glow with just one swipe

Natural makeup is the low-maintenance lip tint you need for those days you want a pop of color but don't really want to put any effort in

2. Glitter

If you thouth glitter has gone you are wrong. Shiny makeup has never been this popular before.

A glitter eyeliner or the most darling pinch of color/glow and best

A confetti liner speaks about your makeup more than enything else.

A glitter eyeliner that goes with everything and, more importantly, speaks your truth

Make an eyeliner using glitter eyeshadows.

A glitter eyeshadow when your cat eye needs a little extra something

You can play with glitter even on your face make it glow like never before.

Glitter makeup that is anything but a ~vice~ — if you liked it, you should've been your name on it, amirite?

A gorgeous glitter makeup because makeup is an art form and deserves the very best and most elegant setup possible.

A gorgeous glitter makeup because makeup is an art form and deserves the very best and most elegant setup possible

We've found the under eye glitter trend that's different, edgy & perfect for the parties that are lined up for you.

A glitter makeup diffuse some color when you know the color is going to be a little much flying solo

3. Bright Accents

The time when you could wear bright lips and eyes only in the evening has gone. Add some accent to your makeup to look trendy this spring.

Play around a black eyeliner for a cat-eye makeup. Wear this insanely beautiful red lipstick and you'll feel like a total badass.

A treasure trove of matte lip creams you'll affectionally pat every morning when you inevitably have to pick just one to wear

A pink lips with a black eyeliner for a classy makeup.

Matte lipsticks with serious payoff and comfortable long wear?

Throw an eyelid party with a black eyeliner. Wear matte pink lips because it looks super classy.

Matte Lip glides smoothly onto your lips with tons of color that dries absolutely kiss-proof.

4. Upside-Down Liner

Wear your eyeliner in an enexpective way - under your eyes.

Eyeliner has a gentle, soft tip so the lids of your eyes won't get irritated whenever you apply those really crisp lines

Play with bright colors to add an accent to your natural makeup.

A red eyeliner is equipped with a rich, matte finish to go with your matte foundation and lipstick

Be the neon goddess you are with these black and yellow cat eyes.

An eyeliner can give you a precise and solid line with its fine-tip design

Palette is absolutely cruelty-free without sacrificing its smooth and vibrant application

Live out your best pink life with this eyeshadow under the eyes.

Eye Shadow Palette will have you looking like a real life Jack Sparrow

Try this purple shade!

Eyeliner comes with a precision felt-tip applicator to make your wing truly fly

Go full-on witch with this super-dark eyeliner.

Eyeliner waterproof formula will stay in place, even if you cry tears of evil

5. Golden Glow

We saw dozens of bloggers, editors, and celebs do golden glow so why wouldn't you try it? Perfect your highlighting and contouring skills with this golder glow trend because you'll need it this season.

A wow-effect containing light-reflecting diamond powder particles for a 3D glow

Use some shimmery gold higlighter just on your cheekbones.

A easy-to-use holographic stick for an intergalactic glow with a few swipes and swift finger blending

A highlighter Set — a bundle of super buildable highlighters in three shades for a perfectly glowed-up, megawatt, strobed look

A highlighter that leave a powerful pigment in just one swipe on your face

A powder highlight and contour palette so you’ll be able to add definition to your cheeks, nose, and eyes like a pro