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The 4 Biggest Fall 2018 Fashion Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing

26 Jun 2018      Emily      1

With fall that, it's time to reflect on the trends that emerged, both within the fashion industry and the cultural stratosphere in general.

We are mad for plaid and happy it's not going anywhere for fall. Also we saw colorful tweed clothes, and we feel like this trends is going to replace our current stripe obsession. Leather trends this one is one of our obsessions for new season. And of course you can not forget about gloss. Gloss tormed the runways this season, and we're proclaiming that, yes!

1. Checks

Plaid, Prince of Wales heritage or tartan, checks in all their many forms are key for the new season. When we hear “plaid,” we typically think lumberjacks and school uniforms. But, as proven by the trendsetters, it can also be incredibly stylish. Here, three plaid outfits—from coat to dresses—and you’re going to want to copy all fall long.

A plaid coat that is comfortable and beautiful, sure. But is the real fall winner here?

what to wear with a plaid coat : round bag + jeans + silver high boots

This red palid dress is so versatile, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

amazing fall outfit / red plaid dress and printed heels

A plaid tweed dress you can throw on yourself for a perfect look and without compromising comfort.

trendy fall outfit idea with a plaid tweed dress

2. Gloss

High-shine fabrics will be key this season, whether vinyl, latex, plastic or leather. Choosing a glossy outfit, you provide hundreds of looks at yourself when you go out.

If you wear a pair of glossy pants with a leather jacket and boots, so this help to make a very cool outfit. Or if you want to wear a gloss skirt then an excellent option would be to combine it with a pair of heels and a pullover.

A high-rise gloss skirt with a heck of a lot of STYLE.

maroon outfit inspiration / pullover + bag + heels  +top + midi gloss skirt

A pair of gloss pants you should stock up on because heaven knows you can!

street style obsession / red gloss pants + boots + leather jacket

fashion trends / black gloss coat + hoodie + jeans

An amazing black skirt that you'll want to wear ASAP.

how to style a black skirt : pastel bag and denim ruffle shirt

3. Leather

Leather is one of our favorite staples in our Fall-to-Winter wardrobe, and we're show street-style-inspired outfits to make sure we'll never tire of the leather jackets, skirts, pants, we purchased.

When you find a great leather jacket you love, you never take it off. Because of that, it's easy to convince yourself that wearing it with the same outfit over and over again is not bad. And if you want to turn heads and improve your confidence, take a leather skirt with knit sweater and velvet bag.

A leather skirt is so soft and stretchy, you almost won't be able to believe you're wearing skirt at all. You'll think your mind is playing tricks on you, probably.

how to wear a leather skirt : sweater + brown hat + velvet bag

A black leather jacket if you want to look like a cool biker? This is it.

awesome fall outfit with a biker jacket : chiffon top + bag + jeans + printed boots

4. Tweed

Tweed has got a bit of a name for itself as an old-fashioned material. These days, tweed clothes having been improving a lot in terms of the design and the cutting that they have gradually walk into the mainstream world of work outfits. The great thing about them is that they look very professional and they have a softer tone so you can pair them in a wide variety clothes.

As we get into the colder months, a tweed coat is a great item. It will be a great addition to your outfit, whether walk or professional meeting.

For a softer, more feminine look, you can wear a tweed blazer. Pair them with skinny jeans or a skirt. This is a stylish and unisex way to style a tweed blazer.

A tweed blazer that are a classier, more sophisticated version of your favorite comfy, over-worn blazer.


A tweed long coat that screams "CHIC!"


A tweed blazer that you will be grabbing more often than your jackets this fall/winter.