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How Yoga Can Change Your Mind: Outfit Ideas To Try

23 Jun 2018      Jasmine      0

Yoga is about your mind, not your body. I understood that when I actually fell for it. If you think of yoga as of some kind of spiritual meditation all day long you are partially wrong. Yes, yoga is not only about meditation, we've learned it from movies. Yoga is about controlling your mind and your body not only when you actually doing yoga.

Everything that you've seen about these tricky poses - is about consistency and practice. And no, it is not impossible as you might think. It just takes time and patience.

As a true lover of yoga, I want to share some cool outfits to wear when practicing. All these looks are cool even to be present in your everyday life that's why I'm fascinated by it. Do not stick with tights and sporty bras only, go for comfy pants and oversized tops, basically everything that makes you feel confident about yourself.

Doing yoga is not just about being flexible and having your mind open. It is about learning yourself, meditate and does what you want. That's why it is always called - playing. There is a lot of different varieties of playing that you can do. Yoga is a truly amazing thing. Once you try it, you will never be able to quit.

Why I love yoga this much - you can do it wherever you want.

white on white_top and leggings

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The magic of being is to do what you want. Explore your mind with yoga.

simple outfit for yoga_pastel crop top and black leggings

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Meet the sunset in the Entwine Legging and the longsleeve top that is unfortunately only available in grey, pink and black colors.

what to wear for yoga classes_a white top with a pair of leggings

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Breathe cause breathing is the most important part of human being and yoga practice in general.

cool yoga outfit idea with a black top and leggings

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The white color is magnificent. White workout sets are just the best.

white yoga outfit inspiration

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The moment when sunshine touches your body.

amazing yoga outfit idea/ red crop top and black ripped leggings

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Handstand is one the hardest parts of yoga practice and that's why it looks this cool.

outfit of the day_white ripped leggings and black top

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Say no more!

red high waist leggings + crop top

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The flexible back is not something you were born with, most of the time it's about the hard work that takes a lot of time.

cute white yoga outfit / ripped tank top and leggings

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Poses that involve more than one person are the best poses ever!

ootd pairs of red and white leggings crop tops

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Dance everywhere. Do what you always wanted to do and let yourself to be happy!

trendy yoga outfit idea black leggings and crop top

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Love the moment and the energy of the moment will spread beyond all boundaries.

what to wear with a pair of high waist shorts

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These leggings are ideal not just for yoga. Wear them in your everyday life, because these are so cool.

A wonderful burgundy set for yoga classes

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Just so you know - happy people shine from the inside.

the moment when you realise that you actually can change the world

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This leggi are just OMG. Perfect for dancing, ideal for practicing and just about right to wear outside of the gym.

be the best version of yourself

Dance, do yoga, move everywhere everytime

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The best color combination ever! What can be better than doing yoga with your best friend wearing Alo Yoga.

Amazin color combination Alo Yoga offers in the new collection

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Just the right place to do the split cause moments are always good for doing what you want.

Do yoga everywhere on the subway on the street. Make it happen

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