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Gorgeous Dresses from the Latest Collections of Elie Saab

10 Feb 2016      Emily      16

Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer. There's no denying that Elie Saab is extremely good at what he does: he makes dress dreams come true. If ever you wanted to feel like a princess, he is the man to wave his magic sewing wand and make it happen. Below shows the gorgeous dresses from the latest collections, where flower garlands laced the golden locks of the models’ hair, below their silhouettes cast in a Midas touch of gold leaf and intricate embroidery. There were empire lines and full skirts, splaying skirts and flowing sleeves, a darker moment came for a series of black dresses and the music cut into a rock ‘n’ roll twang, which made these looks appear younger. But for the most part, these fair maidens were very much telling a traditional fairy tale whose ending could only be happy. Also of florals and lace loomed large in short, sweet dresses and long dramatic gowns as well as on leather, which was laser-cut to floral effect.

amazing maxi formal dress

brilliant dress of haute couture

vinous prom dress

red long dress from Elie Saab

red summer dress

floral dress from Elie Saab

emerald dress Elie Saab

wedding brilliant dress of haute couture

Elie Saab Dresses

wedding gorgeous dress of haute couture

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Black style prom dress

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Haute couture from Elie Saab

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