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The 5 Biggest Summer 2018 Fashion Trends & How To Wear Them

20 Mar 2018      Emily      3

Summer 2018 is almost here so we want to tell you about the biggest fashion trends every stylish girl will be wearing this time. Nothing too fancy, no worries! Just the basic things that have to be in the closet of every girl. From simple tank top to classy suit shorts - learn about the 5 'must-have' fashion trends that will be huge this summer 2018.

1. White Tank Top

Back to basics. A white tank top is something that won't go out of style. Never! It looks cool with jeans, skirts, shorts. Perfect to layer. The white tank top is our favorite fashion trend for summer 2018. Let's see how you can rock it with style.

A white top in a relaxed fit that'll say, 'Yeah I'm basically too cool to work here. You're lucky to have me'.

A white top for a ladylike twist on your weekly Wednesday Addams look

Show some skin with the denim shorts and a crop top.

A trendy white top to prove that you're a star

A white crop top that'll give your favorite brown skirt a serious dose of style. The cute outfit that can be worn with sneakers and high heels.

A crop top and you'll never forget to bring your bagged lunch, either

Olive green is going to be big this summer as well as a white top so why don't you try to mix it? This should be the best look ever.

A white top that'll amp up the drama while helping you

A simple as it is. Ripped shorts mixed with a sleeveless blouse for the days you want to take a break from your usual sporty style.

A white v-neck top to make your outfit feel more like an art gallery

The super comfy look includes a simple tank, cool sweats and Adidas Superstar for a lazy day-off.

A casual white top so you can your edgy look in no time flat on those mornings you just can't decide what to wear

Is a silk top with lace details still in style? You betcha! This thing is perfect to wear with jeans or shorts or even with a skirt making your outfit looks more classy.

A v-neck top that see that ladder lace detailing

2. X-Girl Sunglasses

What can we say? X-Girl sunglasses is another "must-have" for summer 2018.

Retro sunglasses to wear on casual days.

A pair of white retro sunglasses for those days you really wish

Trendy sunglasses that's flowy enough for the warm weather and offers enough coverage for the summer.

A pair of cat-eyes sunglasses you are trying to buy after all

3. A Fanny Pack

You probably have already seen a fanny pack? Every stylish girl has it. It is more convenient than a shoulder bag and it is just a big trend you should know about.

A Prada belt bag to wear to work, out to dinner, to your 85th wedding this year, and mooooore.

A Prada belt bag those help you stay sophisticated while showing off your personality

Throw on a pastel Gucci bag when layering is a must.

A pastel Gucci bag you can just pull 'em on and head out the door

A trendy nude bag is a thing you'll want to go with everywhere.

A nude belt bag so you can wear everyday

Get a bum bag over your skirt the next time you are going out. It will be huge this summer.

A fashion belt bag you can wear over a tee or blouse, or under a sweater or blazer

A black belt bag you'll never get sick of wearing.

A black belt bag to make feel like a garden party

4. Suit Shorts

What can be better than keeping wearing your favorite suit to the office but instead of pants you can try shorts this time. It is perfect for days when it's too hot for trousers. Ladies, here we go suit shorts and how to wear them!

What to wear to the office this summer? Hot red mixed with suit shorts just a perfect choice to try.

A pair of red suit shorts because traditional trousers simply don't ~suit~ you at all

Summer stripes are big, suit shorts even bigger. High waist became our favorite the last few seasons. Mix it all up and there is a perfect summer outfit to wear.

Striped high-weist shorts that'll look like a cool abstract print from afar

Red shorts for a brassy new look.

Awesome red shorts because you're great at tying up loose

When it is too hot outside but you have to get dressed to the office - the pastel suit that includes a jacket and shorts is just a 'must' for your closet.

A best pair of suit shorts that call you the closer for a reason

Grey on grey. The outfit you've been looking for.

A pair of grey high-weist shorts so you can feel like the cover art

Striped suit shorts that are absolutely timeless. Suitable to wear to the office, on a date-night or just everywhere because it's that cute.

A pair of striped high-weist shorts you can wear with sweaters, blouses, or tees

5. Lavender of our favorite shades. It's finally here and you'll be seeing it everywhere this summer. Why don't you get something lavender because your closet needs it!

A lavender skirt for looking like a headmaster... even on summer vacation.

A pencil skirt in an lavender color combo

The lady-like look to wear because you deserve the best.

A beautiful lavender dress to match the look on your face when the 47th person in one day compliments your outfit

A little strappy bag lavender dress that will make your heart soar.

An amazing lavender dress because you want the look of pretty, but without the feeling of being trapped

What a beautiful dress that is covered with embroidery made of sheer fabric. For those ladies who loves attention!

A lace dress to make any day feel like a summer Friday

The moment when you found the most perfect office outfit that includes a striped blouse and high-waist pants. Patel shades rock!

A pair of pastel pants so you won't have to twice about before throwing on

A pretty cool dress because formal events aren't exclusive to just one season.

A gorgeous dress to show your boss what a gem you truly are

A lace dress that will keep you cool in the summer.

A lace lavender dress that'll without being boring