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5 Fashion Trends That Will Be Big In 2019

23 Jan 2019      Emily      810

The coming season brings changes in the fashion industry; it will force you to reconsider your wardrobe and possibly change your style.

So, we have identified 5 big fashion trends of 2019 that will help you reveal yourself. Look at the following outfits and see what neon, dazzling sparkles, bright colors, wild print, and neutral beige is.

Neon vs. bright: the trends for those who's feeling extra brave this season

The brightness neon fashion trend brings causes a powerful impact and conveys confidence and strength. Aside from neon, bright colors are in style. However, it’s a very intense color that many find difficult to wear and are even scared of trying. But despite this, it’s a trend that's coming very strong, just try to wear jeans and a neon t-shirt, and that's it. It's effortless! Or dilute your neutral outfit with a catchy neon top for a beige jumpsuit.

You might be not a fan of bright colors, but hey, no one gets hurt if try to wear a neon t-shirt once, right? Besides, neon looks great, don't you agree? Saying, getting a pair of yellow heels would be a great decision, let yourself be flirty this season. Wear them to the office in tandem with your favorite skinnies and a long blazer and everyone will notice, we guarantee!

Classy neutral for every fashionista

Sometimes you want to put on neutral colors, from sand, and tan to camel and cream, we have revealed the whole of a beige rule. Just you need to play with textures. Cashmere sweater and pants, a raincoat over a chiffon blouse, or connect everything in one, and so too can be!

Neutrals are always trendy. No matter how challenging it is, neutral beige is everything you need if you want to make a classy, comfy look. And it relates to nail colors as well, what can be better than polishing your nails in a neutral purple, wear pale pink pants and combine them with some cool top? Boom - here is a chic and classy look!

To get some ideas of what to wear with neutrals visit my other article: nude fashion trend to wear in 2019

Shine in 2019 with the sparkling fashion trend

With the arrival of the new season, you need to look brilliant to make everyone look at your mark! Shine - tells us fashion making wearing sparkling clothes this season. Putting on a shiny midi skirt is a great idea. And you can pick up anything for her, a denim jacket and heels or a striped top and comfortable sneakers. You will be pleasantly surprised by such a variety of choices.

Glitter/sequin is not for everyone but so does neon colors! Remember these sequin pillows that change colors when you touch them? It's awesome! No one would think sequin pillows could be this popular, but here we go. You may or may not like glitter clothes but it is trendy this season and we think trying some sparkling accessories to your casual look would make a difference.

Shine with the sparkling outfits and learn how to rock sequins in 2019.

Animal prrrints will never go out of style

If all of the above is not entirely for you, then we have something interesting. No one has canceled animal prints, and they are returning to the new season with even more style. You need to pay attention to it. What do you say if we offer you to wear snake pants? Sneakers and a simple white T-shirt will look great with such pants, or a more romantic outfit will be a tiger midi dress with sneakers, sandals or maybe heels.

Animal prints, here we go again. The trend that is flying around from season to season and not going to die. Starting with accessories and ending up with heavy coats - the animal print is something everyone should consider trying.

No matter you love or hate animal print, you'll always see it around so here are some cool outfit ideas of mixing animal prints with other pieces of clothing you wear every day.

These 5 trends suit every fashionista; it is something every girl can add to her street style to finish her casual go-to look. Letting the trends slip into your day-to-day outfit might be the best decision of 2019. Just remember, no matter how big the fashion trends are, don't lose your style, add something new to your outfit to make it look fresh.

great office outfit / bag + heels + pants + leopard scarf + sweater
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The outfit to wear all day long. Animal print is always in style
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Way To Style Your Sequin Skirt. Wear heels, add a neutral top and you
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Animal printed dress has never looked better
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elegant outfit to try right now | can be worn at the office. A leopard skirt goes perfectly with a white t-shirt
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stylish look in beige color : trench coat + top + suit + heels
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best animal print boots to wear next season
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beige is one of the trends of the next season
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Oversized sweater is always a good idea especially if worn with bright accents
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beige outfit inspiration | a perfect outfit to wear to the office
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casual style addict | white tee + jeans + crossbody bag + snake blazer
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Neutrals all in one
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street style addiction / trench coat + white top + grey pants + heels
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When simple is better, stick with beige to add some classy-looking gloss to your outfit
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cozy outfit idea / hat + knit oversized sweater + boots + leopard skirt
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comfy outfit with snake pants and a white sweater. add a pair of cool sneakers to set a comfy look
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best bright outfit for work : purple suit + sweater + sneakers
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Best Animal Print Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now
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Neon Yellow, Green, and Blue
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What to wear with a nude beret : jacket + top + heels + beige pants
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fashion trends | coat + top + skirt + black details
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The Best Street Style For Spring 2019
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red is a new black | beret + coat + suit + bag + top + heels
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comfy outfit idea / grey sweatshirt + white pants + trench coat + loafers
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neon trends | coat + clutch + dress
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gorgeous bright outfit_blue suit + mint coat + bag + heels

elegant and trendy outfit / knit sweater + vest + wide pants + green heels

awesome outfit with a bright coat : waist bag + heels + boyfriend jeans + black top

simple outfit with a beige blouse to keep you trendy and comfy at the same time

chic office outfit in neon color when neon is a new black

casual outfit inspiration / brown bag + sneakers + tiger-printed midi dress

what to wear with a glitter skirt : bag + striped top + heels

Metallic Sequin High Waisted Skinny Leggings

comfy outfit with a beige trench coat : weist bag + jeans + sneakers

what to wear with red high boots : bag + beige trench coat + top

how to wear a sequin blazer : white shirt + ripped jeans + red details

incredible outfit to copy right now : boots + crossbody bag + neon bodycon dress

fashionable outfit idea with an animal print blazer : bag + heels + midi skirt

Neon is trendy: wear a neon green crop top with a high-waist skirt to create a stylish look


casual style obsession / red top + blue midi skirt + slip-on

Neon & casual chic: bag + boyfriend jeans + t-shirt

fashionable outfit / orange sundress + blue bag + black top + heels

When two fashion trends of 2019 match: neon longsleeve works perfectly with a beige jumpsuit

Yes, You Can Pull On the Neon Trend This Spring


how to wear neon boots : crossbody bag + maxi polka dots dress

The Ways To Try The 2019 Neon Trend, Even If Color Isn

perfect outfits with neon details