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30 Best Style Ideas To Try For Coachella 2018

19 Feb 2018      Emily      -1

Festival passes, camping, food, shuttles, add-ons and more... In 2018 Coachella valley music and arts festival will begin on Friday, April 13 and ends on Sunday, April 22 and this is the reason to search for some inspiration of what to wear to the festival. There are some ideas that show sparkling makeup, chic hairstyles, and outfits that will make your heart melt. Learn how to rock the Coachella in 2018 and become a hippie girl you've always wanted to be.

Pendant necklace + round glasses

Why searching for a Coachella outfit when you can wear a pair of round sunglasses, mix it with a pendant necklace so the ensemble will make a perfect look no matter what you decide to wear this time.

A black lace top so stylish it can double as a bodysuit for a night out

Bright hair I don't care

Mixing babe pink with sky blue hair extension to make a Coachella hairstyle. Add some stars to your eyes and shine!

Coachella 2018: the most beautiful looks

Coachella Hairstyle Idea To Try In 2018

Add some jewelry to your hairstyle for a perfect look.

Coachella 2018 Style Guide: SLAY Your Festival

Silver and Shimmer

Being a Coachella goddess.

Best makeup for those days you're in the mood to shimmer and shine all around the town

Messy Hair

Hairstyle to try on Coachella 2018. Messy buns + braids is all you need. Wear natural makeup, add a choker and you're a gypsy goddess.

Trendy summer hairstyle that people are seriously obsessed with

Layering Gold Chain

Small breast chain combined with a necklace. It's all about the sexy look.

A gold jewelry as an incentive to work with what you've already got

Printed Set

It's the gypsy style rocking a black fedora with the two-piece printed set.

A dreamy set for those days you want to be extra cozy but still dress up a little

Messy Hair + Silver

Add silver jewelry to a black crop top, mix it with messy hair and you're ready to rock this party.

A silver necklace so even simple outfits have a pop of color

Dreadlocks with stripes

An off-shoulder crop top with high-waist stripes is all about the festival.

Boho outfit to elevate your look while staying close to the ground

The hairstyle of Coachella 2018

Hairstyle idea to try for the festival.

Hairstyle idea with those knots that seem impossible

Colorful dreadlocks mixed with all black

The truly gypsy look having bright dreadlocks with a black crop top.

These colorful hair extensions that help you live out your most magical unicorn dreams

A Sexy-no-Sexy Look

Add a little flirt to your Coachella look wearing glitter shirtdress. Unbutton the dress and show your small bra because it is super cute.

A v-neck glitter dress so you can make as many grand entrances as you'd like

Two Messy Buns + Nude Romper

An embroidered jumpsuit because sometimes putting on a top and bottom is just too hard. Round glasses, messy hair with two buns become a nice style to try after the festival as well.

An embroidered jumpsuit because sometimes putting on a top and bottom is just too hard

All White + Silver Chain Bra + Fur

Never too late to wear high-waist shorts, mix it with a chain bra and cover the look with fur. Finish the style with two French braids to make a perfect Coachella outfit.

A blocked bra perfect for some serious sex appeal

Charcoal Ombre. Messy Buns and flowers

Charcoal hair is here and having a serious moment. Adding floral details to the hairstyle makes it look super girly. Two messy buns, two small braids, and the most beautiful hairstyle is ready to rock the party.

Amazing hairstyle idea which seems to actually have superpowers

Aztec Prints Mixed With White

Done in every hair texture and colour, the look came in half up, all up, and every other version you could imagine — and each rendition was cuter than the last. Say Yes to Aztec prints mixed with white denim.

An embroidered boho swimsuit  designed to make you look amazing

Crystals Under Your Eyes

Simple makeup idea to try in 2018.

Glitter makeup idea so you’ll never run out of magical options when you want

Hot Red During The Coachella Festival 2018

Loving the vibe of the party. Rocking red plaids with black boots because it the best color ensemble to try in 2018.

Gypsy outfits featuring a relaxed fit so you can stay comfy in it all day

All Sparkling Up

Go for glitter roots if you really want to make a statement. Ths is the perfect hairstyle and sparkling makeup to try them out on.

Coachella glitter makeup that'll let you tap into your inner superhero

Double French Braids With Glitter

If you're looking for a cute and easy way to keep your hair secured during the festival, two french braids are better than one.

The Best Beauty Looks From Coachella

A Sparkly Bra

A sparkly chain bra that will outshine the rest of your wardrobe.

A sparkly bra that will outshine the rest of your wardrobe

The Outfit To Wear Every Day

If you're not a big fan of glitter and sparkling there is an option of wearing high-waist shorts with a crop top to the festival. This time you look Coachella-ready even though it's not following the party rules. Best outfit for coachella you're going to want to play with all day

All Black Everything. Hippie Girl Is here

Lace lingerie plays with a sheer maxi skirt in a perfect way. Add round sunnies and a black fedora for a black-on-black look.

a black lace crop top you can wear to your next holiday gathering when you want to steal all the attention

A "Hippie/Gypsy" Outfits That Are Just Right For The Festival

Spring Festival Of Colour, the beautifully vibrant Coachella festival takes place in California this year. The sun's hot, the beats are good and the drinks are flowing. This means it's festival season! Silver mixed with black adding a touch of flirt to the outfit making it look sexy.

Awesome boho outfits flashy enough to turn yourself into a walking disco ball

Light That Party Up

The outfit that burns everyone around. Play with a crop top, fishnet tights over the shorts and a pair of orange/yellow sunglasses for an outfit that can be worn post-Coachella as well. For those who love classic black&white look try a printed two-piece on, use chunky glitter under your eyebrows to achieve the Coachella look.

Best boho outfits so you can wear it post-Coachella, no problem

Rings Inside The Braid

Just a simple hairstyle making messy hair and add some rings into a small braid. The style never hurts anyone. Combine it with natural makeup and you're ready for any kind of party.

Beautiful hairstyle idea for endless summer vibes

French or Dutch braid hair into two double buns

Do half-up space buns and do two Dutch braids back into them adding a cool hair tattoo. The look is cute and boho and so cool.

Boho hairstyle idea to accompany you on a weekend grocery run or lakefront rendezvous

Jewelry All Over The Body

Wear small rings mix them with body chain because the festival is all about shining.

an amazing jewelry as proof can actually be fun

Black lace, Denim, and Jewelry

A sexy black bodysuit with denim looks nothing but the best way to explore the party.

Cool gypsy outfit is possibly the most gorgeous of all time

Yellow Accents

You don't need to look like a truly hippie girl if you don't want to. Get your favorite sneakers, add bright accents with a bandana and shorts and now you're an urban girl who rocks the festival.

Cool outfit so insanely comfortable, you'll ~flounce~ around everywhere in it