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25+ Best Affordable Brand Name Products To Invest In 2018

14 Feb 2018      Jasmine      0

The spring is almost here so we've been searching around to find some cool things you can add to your wishlist right now. OMGoutfitideas put together shoes, clothing, and accessories from Guess that have to be in your closet this season. Here you go: a lot of nice branded items to invest in, so take your wallet and get ready to spend some money on buying happiness from Guess.

Dare & Double Dare For Her

What does Dare from Guess smell like?

What could be better than a scent to die for? Dare and Double Dare come at an affordable price so check in out on Amazon.

For a fresh new attitude, guess dare by guess provides women with the strong, clean aroma of citrus and the crisp, calming scent of pear. When the two are combined, the fruity fragrances balance each other for a light, sporty ambiance that is topped with the vibrant scent of kumquats, lemon blossoms, and pears. The sweet smell will leave an unforgettable imprint on those around you.

What does Double Dare from Guess smell like?

The heart is composed of violet leaves, lily of the valley and jasmine. The ultimate culmination of base notes includes dry vetiver, sheer amber, and creamy vanilla.

Spray for her from Guess to buy

Get the Dare on Amazon

Get the Double Dare on Amazon

Black Lace-Up Flats

Back to black basics. Leather + lace-up in one outfit. Make it happen!

all black everything lace-up flats is everything you need in your closet from Guess

Check It Out on Amazon

Black Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are super easy to pair with a pair of shorts, mini dress or whatever. Just go with mini length and you'll be okay.

strappy gladiator sandals in black to get for yourself

Check It Out on Amazon

A Pair of Deana Sandals in White

A pair of sports slides is the type of shoes you never need a good mood to wear. Just slide into it and you're feet won't take it off.

details Deana sandal slides in white

Check It Out on Amazon

Leeza Backpack

When you wear all white comfy outfit and mixed it with a black backpack from Guess because it is a perfect match.

all white everything holds backpack from Guess

Check It Out on Amazon

Galle Riding Boots

How to wear denim-on-denim and still look elegant? Follow the style of a jumpsuit paired with a blazer and over-the-knee open toe boots that make the outfit look elegant.

how to wear denim and look like a star mixing it with black open-toe boots

Check It Out on Amazon

A Carnation Lingerie Set in Natural

A set of lingerie even though only you know what is under your clothing.

a natural shade lingerie set for a hot date to wear

Get the Thong on Amazon

Get the Push-Up Bra on Amazon

Erico Slip Dress in Beige

How to dress like a star wearing all pastel? A slip velvet dress mixed with a long coat and a pair of silver strappy heels. Go get it, girl!

How to wear all nude slip dress with a long coat plus strappy sandals

Check It Out on Amazon

Candy Round Sunglasses + Martine Satchel

A stylish look is all about details. Add a pair of candy sunglasses and Martine satchel to your outfit for a cool outfit.

Details from Guess a beige satchel with a pair of blue sunglasses

Get the Martine Satchen on Amazon

Get the Sunglasses on Amazon

Denim Jumpsuit + Black Pumps

This jumpsuit is wow! Mix it up with a jacket to make a denim-on-denim outfit with black pumps from Guess.

a denim jumpsuit to wow everyone at the party plus nlack pumps from Guess

Get the Tailored Jumpsuit on Amazon

Get the Blixee Pumps on Amazon

Candy Round + Candy Mirrored Sunglasses

Too many sunglasses? Any outfit gets adorable with a pair of cool mirrored sunnies so why it shouldn't be the ones from Guess?

Sunglasses that every girl will find for herself on Guess

Get the Pink Sunglasses on Amazon

Get the Blue Sunglasses on Amazon

Dungarees Shorts + Candy Sunglasses + Clara Striped Shirt

A recipe for a perfect outfit. Take a pair of denim shorts, add a stripped knotted shirt that makes your tummy visible, and finish the look with a pair of Candy pink round sunnies.

back to basics summer look all wearing Guess

Get the Shorts on Amazon

Get the Sunnies on Amazon

Get the Shirt on Amazon

Preslie Bralette in Olive Green

What makes a denim-on-denim outfit play differently? An olive green bralette is all you need for a spring basic look.

denim on denim with an olive green crop top

Check It Out on Amazon

Off Shoulder Karena Dress

She rocks the off-shoulder just perfect. Adding a belt to the item and you're ready to go.

an off-shoulder pastel dress suitable for every woman

Check It Out on Amazon

Off-Shoulder Amina Top

Summer stripes make any outfit look different. Double-denim outfit has never been this cute with the off-shoulder top from Guess.

How to wear denim on denim adding a bright accent

Check It Out on Amazon

Candy Sunglasses: Round Top-Bar + Round Mirrored + Andrian Round

amazing Guess sunglasses for everyone's taste

Get Top-Bar Blue Sunnies on Amazon

Get the Pink Adrian Sunglasses on Amazon

Get the Round Mirrored Sungalsses on Amazon

Get the Blue Round Sungalsses on Amazon

Aubrey Shirtdress

Wear this denim shirtdress to "wow" everyone at the party of style.

a denim shirtdress that could be sexy and could be not depends on how you wear it

Check It Out on Amazon

Catana Platform + Funtime Cut-Out Booties + Kahlua Sandals

All the shades of pastel with the collection of shoes from Guess. By the way, pastel is one of the biggest must-have trends that spring 2018 brings to us.

the new collection of nude shoes from Guess to wear this Spring 2018

Get the Gold Catana Sandals on Amazon

Get the Beige Funtime Booties on Amazon

Get the Gold Kahlua Sandals on Amazon

Gold Catana Sandals

Platform gold heeled sandals to add a touch of glitter to any outfit.

a baby pink bag and gold platform heels is all you need for a perfect look

Get the Gold Catana Sandals on Amazon

Off-The-Shoulder Lace Dress

A lace off-shoulder dress is a must-have every girl should have in her closet.

off-the-shoulder lace dresses two options the beige one for casual occasions and the red one for a hot date

Get the Beige Dress on Amazon

Get the Red Dress on Amazon

Digital Hobo Bag. Sky Shade

A sky hobo bag because it matches everything.

add a touch of the sky to your look with the digital hobo bag from Guess

Check It Out on Amazon

Camo-Print Sports Bra

A sports bra with camo print that will add some glam to your workout outfit.

workout look wearing cami sports bra with high-waist leggings from Guess

Get the Bra on Amazon

Britta Mini Crossbody + Tony Bodysuit + Simmone Super High-Rise Jeans + Catana Heels

A go-to outfit with red details that make it look super glorious. A mini bag, chic lace bodysuit and high-rise denim got you thinking: "why I've never even thought about a combination like this?". Finish your look with gold platform heels because we're getting back to basics.

keeping it casual wearing high-rise jeans with gold platform and ended up with red accents

Get the Bag on Amazon

Get the Bodysuit on Amazon

Get the Jeans on Amazon

Get the Heels on Amazon

Janelle Jacket

Just street style idea with our favorite rips and blue details. Add a fur jacket to your all-black outfit when it's cold outside.

when you wear all-black everythiing with blue accents

And you still look super elegant wearing a lace top but at the same time, a blue accent is everything your outfit needs.

a sexy outfit wearing a blue fur coat that will warm you up but makes you still look cool

Check It Out on Amazon

Roxey Lace-Up Booties In Black + Silver Mimsy Suitcase 24" and 28"

When it's time to travel go to Guess and have a look at the silver Mimsy suitcase that comes in small and big sizes. Add a pair of lace-up booties and now you're a traveling queen.

Travelling with Guess is much easier since you can get adorable suitaces for a reasonable price

Get the Booties on Amazon

Get the Big Suitcase on Amazon

Get the Small Suitcase on Amazon